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文章标题:99问:怎样才能提高分辨是非好歹的能力?  文章来源:  发布时间:2010/1/16  访问次数:4335  文章简介:圣经教导我们,信徒的爱心要在知识和各样的见识上多而又多,使我们能分辨是非
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文章来源:要道问答      发布时间:2010/1/16      访问次数:4335     


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99.How can one increase one’s ability to distinguish between right and wrong, good and bad?

    The Bible teaches us that when the love of Christians increases along with knowledge and discernment, we shall be able to distinguish between right and wrong. We are also to build ourselves up in the faith, and become “skilled in the word of righteousness”, so that our hearts “may be trained to distinguish between good and evil (cf Philippians 1, 9, 10;HEBREWS 5, 13, 14).”






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