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文章标题:Easter Egg Introduction 复活节彩蛋介绍 and Quiz 和问答游戏   文章来源:青岛基督教  发布时间:2009/5/13  访问次数:2783  文章简介:1、Eggs contain nearly every nutrient known to be essential to humans. True or false?

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Easter Egg Introduction 复活节彩蛋介绍 and Quiz 和问答游戏

文章来源:青岛基督教   发布时间:2009/5/13     访问次数:2783   

简介:1、Eggs contain nearly every nutrient known to be essential to humans. True or false?

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1、Eggs contain nearly every nutrient known to be essential to humans. True or false?


2、In France, how do children think Easter eggs are delivered?

a) By the Easter bunny b) By the Easter goose

c) By the Virgin Mary who delivers them to children while they sleep

d) By a church bell that scatters eggs as it rings out on Sunday morning


a) 复活节的小兔子 b) 复活节的鹅

c) 玛丽亚(耶稣的妈妈)在孩子们睡觉的时候送来

d) 礼拜天早上教堂的钟摆分散鸡蛋

3、Who was the first to speak to Jesus after he had risen from the dead?

a) Mary Magdalene

b) God

c) Judas Iscariot

d) Mary, his mother


a) 马大拉的玛丽亚

b) 神

c) 出卖耶稣的犹大

d) 玛丽亚 耶稣的妈妈

4、The Easter bunny originated in…

a) Mexico b) USA

c) England d) Germany


a) 墨西哥 b) 美国

c) 英国 d) 德国

5、The night before his death, Jesus finished the Passover meal with his disciples

a)By sharing bread and water

b)By sharing bread and wine

c) By sharing noodles and Qingdao pijiu


a) 饼和水

b) 饼和葡萄酒

c) 面条和青岛啤酒

6、Why did Easter egg hunts begin?

a) Because a farmer spilled his basket of eggs on the grass

b) To give children something to do while lunch is prepared

c) Because children believed that rabbits laid eggs in the grass


a) 一个农夫在草地上撒了篮子里的鸡蛋

b) 在准备午饭的时候给孩子们一些事情做

c) 因为孩子们相信小兔子藏在草地上的鸡蛋里

7、Why do we have eggs at Easter?

a) Jesus liked eggs

b) They taste nice

c) They are a symbol of rebirth


a) 耶稣像鸡蛋

b) 鸡蛋好吃

c) 鸡蛋象征重生

8、What day is Easter celebrated?
a) Friday

b) Saturday

c) Sunday

d) Monday


a) 周五

b) 周六

c) 周日

d) 周一

9、Where does the name Easter come from?

a) An Anglo-Saxon goddess called Easter

b) A saint from the sixth century

c) An old word for East Star


a) 一个盎格鲁撒克逊的女神名叫Easter

b) 六世纪的一个 圣徒

c) “东方明星”的古语

10、On Palm Sunday, Christians celebrate the day that…

a) Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and was greeted by a cheering crowd

b) Jesus sheltered under a palm tree during a thunderstorm

c) Jesus fed 5,000 people


a) 耶稣在众人的欢呼庆贺中骑着毛驴进耶路撒冷

b) 在一场暴风雨中,耶稣在一棵棕榈树下避雨

c) 耶稣喂饱5000人



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